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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Inner cleansing

So far this week I ran a double on Monday, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening, then 3 Tuesday morning, and that's it. I didn't run Tuesday evening, or Wednesday at all and I probably won't run any today (Thursday). And it's not because of a lack of time or want...

It's because in afraid I will shit in my pants. 

On top of eating healthier and running again, I've decided I need to do an inner cleanse to clean out all the toxins and waste that's just sitting in my bowels taking up precious real estate, adding to my protruding gut, and making me feel like crap in general. 

And it working!!!!! Every hour to 2 hours the urge hits and I go speed walking, cautiously, to the nearest bathroom. The whole time hoping and praying that it's not occupied, and that I make it in time! 

Luckily the later of the 2 hasn't become an issue yet! Whew! 

But I haven't been running because I don't want to kick start some action and be stranded without a bathroom within a few seconds of accessibility. I mean, I consider myself a runner and all, but I'm not THAT guy...

Luckily this shit is working (no pun intended...) because my stomach is getting flatter and in pretty sure I'm loosing weight, and I'm feeling better. When the initial "excitement" goes away I will resume running again. 

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