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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Im loosing weight!


I've went back to a fruit / veggie only until dinner type diet again. Lots of Fugi Apples, Grapefruits, Oranges and Strawberries. 

I even added a new fruit today that I've never seen before!


Talk about a cool fruit! And yes, it is THAT big! In fact, here's a comparison shot between a regular orange, a large grapefruit, and the Pummelo...

The Pummelo is supposedly the daddy to the Grapefruit. I unknowingly had taken a family poitrait in the above picture. The Pummelo and the Orange for a little tipsy one night (I would imagine Tequilla was involved...) and 9 months later (or the next fall...) little baby Grapefruit came out. Grapefruit was a little bitter about being a bastard son. I mean, whoever heard of a Pummelo anyway?

Ok, now that that's done...

I had a red Pummelo, which is supposedly the more bitter variety and I thought it was quite sweet. Especially when compared with the Grapefruit. 

But man! Talk about a pain in the ass to eat!!! Geevus!!!

Its segmented like any other citrus fruit, but in between the actual edible fruit part is a layer of... Leather? Some very bitter, tough, hard membrane. Here's a picture of it!

And here's a cross section view. 

Of course, I saved the seeds. I figure if I can grow my avocado tree to over 7 foot tall now, I can maybe grow a Pummelo tree? Right?

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