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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I did my first brick style training session yesterday afternoon. It was different, that's for sure!

A brick is a triathlon training term for combining 2 different events into one work out. So for example, I rode my bike for about 8.5 miles, then ran 3 miles immediately after getting off the bike. 

It's very strange going from cycling to running. Your legs don't seem to want to move like they're supposed to. Instead they sort of mimic the same cycling motion. 

My legs were very tired afterwards, although I wouldn't say that either workout was particularly "hard", although I must say that hill climbs suck on a bike! And since there not a flat piece of land anywhere near the house, I was doing a lot of climbing.... I would rather run up a very steep mountain than bike over a small hill. 

I also picked up a new accessory for the bike. It's something I have been wanting for some time, just didn't feel like dropping the cash on it. 

Clip in shoes! Hells yeah!!!

And they really do make a difference! Your not just using your quads to force the pedal down to propel you forward, your also using your hamstrings to now pull the pedals back up since your foot is attached to the pedals. 

I was a little worried about busting my ass due to not being able to remove my feet from the clipped in position, but that never seemed to pose a problem!

So my next purchase for the bike will be a proper fitting, and a tri suit so that I don't have to change clothes to go running after I get of the bike. 

Oh! More great news, today is my last day with Metco, and I start my new job with Energy Alloys tomorrow! So my work hours will follow a pretty set schedule, and I'll be at the same place everyday. So ill be able to get into a workout routine, and start eating right for all my meals throughout the day instead of just 1 or 2. Very excited!

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