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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Goals and motivation.

I've never had a problem with setting goals. Well... I guess that isn't entirely true.

I have lots of goals. Some are even quite lofty you could say.

Run a 100 mile ultra marathon. Barefoot. Duh.

Run a 100K ultra marathon. Barefoot.

Run a 50 mile ultra marathon. Barefoot. DONE!!!

Run a 50K ultra marathon. Barefoot.

Run a marathon. Barefoot.
-The catch to this one is that I won't run a marathon until I feel that I have a chance at debuting under 3 hours...

Run a sub 1:20 half marathon. Barefoot.

Run a sub 18:00 5K again. This time barefoot.

I also have goals that aren't necessarily running related, but go hand in hand.

Maintain a weight under 180 pounds.

Maintain an improved state of health.

Feel comfortable going shirtless in a public pool. Barefoot.

But as of lately I haven't had much motivation helping to push me towards these goals. I think that's because I haven't had a specific target in mind.

Well now I do!

The Wild Hare 50K / 50 Mile Ultra Marathon, is held by Tejas Trails and takes place on November 22nd in Warda Texas. It's a very twisted course that looks like a lot of fun. I'm not sure how barefootable it is, but I'm sure I could find out.

I want to register for the 50K, but train like I'm running the 50 mile. This way if I get closer and feel confident that I could run the 50 mile, I could just move up!

This gives me a target in sight. And yes, it's a long long way off, but that's not a bad thing! I'm essentially going to be coming from nothing to hopefully running a 50 mile race... I need ample training time to get there.

I haven't registered yet. I'm going to wait until I'm under 185 pounds (about 7-10 pounds down) and have a half way decent mileage base, but now that I have something to train for it should provide just enough motivation to stop me from being a lard ass!

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