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Thursday, May 22, 2014

5-22-2014.... Almost There...!

Managed to get 300 pushups today.

That's a total of 950 for the week. Only 50 away from my goal of 1,000!!!

No running today, so I'm about 4.25 miles from my pathetic goal of 10 for the week. I think I will hit that mark and go beyond it Saturday morning.

My diet wasn't that great today. I had Freebirds (yummy!!!) For lunch and a bar b q sandwich with fries for dinner. Not terrible... but not great.

I was also up another pound today. Wtf?

I think the reason I haven't been losing weight is because I'm not running right. I've been running hard, not easy. I haven't been running of heart rate. Starting next week I will be doing all my runs based off heart rate. Since I'm a year older, fatter and out of shape I will be running at an even lower heart rate. 145 will be my cap.

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