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Thursday, May 22, 2014


Woke up a pound heavier again at 196. Something.

Hit a total of 200 pushups via 4 sets of 50. They seem to be getting both easier and harderat the same time.

Easier in that the first 30 go by quickly and aren't putting up much difficulty. Even up to 40 still feels OK.

However, around 44 they are getting harder and harder. I think this is because I'm getting stronger, but at the same time my muscles are getting tired. I haven't taken a break day yet. I think if I hit my 1000 early then I will take a day off. I'm pretty sure I will hit 1000 by Saturday night, if not Friday night. So I will take a day of to recoop.

I also ran 3.75ish miles yesterday morning and had a major scare when I discovered a skunk assuming their defensive position with 3 feet from me. The stinch that followed wasn't from the skunk... it was from me evacuating my bowels.

Diet wise I ate great all day.... Then nose dived at dinner.

I had a veggie and fruit smoothie for brekky,  some tuna fish for lunch, then a big greasy heavy patty melt with fries fir dinner followed up with some Blue Bell Ice-cream...

Would have been a great day if it wasn't for ruining my diet at the end of it.

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