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Friday, April 25, 2014


It's been awhile since I last posted, so I would like to apologize to the 2.5 people that actually take the time to sift through my ramblings in hopes that something will eventually make sense. I've been busy lately, but what's new?

Since moving to the new house I've been trying to get back into the habit of waking up hours before most of humanity even starts hitting their snooze buttons and getting a few miles in. It's been working for the most part, but if I eat something I know I shouldn't in the evening, I can count out running the next day for fear of defication action while on the run.

But I did manage to grab 3.9 this morning. It felt good! I learned 2 things this morning. The first of which is that the community pool isn't locked up at 4 in the morning, so I can start running to the pool (1.5 miles away), going for a quick swim, then run back home. This is great! I love swimming, but I currently loathe removing my shirt in public.

The second thing I learned this morning is that Junebugs have a very distinct crunch when you run across them. I probably massacred around 50 dazed Junebugs this morning. They were every damn where!!! I probably have some Junebug guts caked in between my toes right now. Yummy.

Something else pretty cool is that this neighborhood has a lot of elevation changes! How exciting!!! The graph below is of this morning's run. Ignore the pace and such, I was handicapped by several pounds of Junebug innards...

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