Stomp of Approval!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

We're in!

We're finally at the move in stage at the new house, and I can't wait until it's all said and done!!!

We've moved all but one of the big items, abd the one that's left is going to be a major bitch!

We have a king size mattress, and we wanted to build a platform bed to go with it. So I built a very sturdy, strong, solid, heavy platform for the bed to go on. The problem is that I built it in our bedroom at our old house, and it doesn't come apart.

So imagine a platform that's the size of a king mattress that has no flex to it that sits about 6"off the ground supported by 4"x4" posts to hold it up. Now imagine that it's upstairs, and that the stairs double back on themselves, then have a 45° turn, with a banister on one side and a sheetrock wall on the other...

That's what I'll be dealing with today.

But, that is the last big item! After that there's only a few things left that aren't that important to daily life, mainly the kids toys, our tv, and some other random crap.

So starting tomorrow morning I will begin running consistently again. And next weekend I will start weekend runs as well! I'm also going to clean my diet back up and try to get back under 185, if not under 180.

Wish me luck!!


  1. hi there, i saw a comment you posted on thebarefootrunners about wanting to run across texas. i'm thinking about doing this in march/april 2015 and was wondering if you know of anyone who has done this unsupported? thanks!

    1. Oops, sorry I missed this earlier!

      No, I don't know of anyone yet. I haven't done any research on it yet either, but I'm sure someone has done it before. It just seems to me that the 900+ mile stretch of I-10 is too alluring for it not to have been done before.

      I will look more into it now though.