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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Up coming races / events

The end of April might end up being a pretty busy time for me race wise.

April 20th is the Village Creek 5K. This is my hometowns only race and I've ran it once in my adult hood and took 1st in age group, 6th overall with a 20:41 or somewhere around there. I think I could do a little better than that this year as I will be a good bit lighter than I was 2 years ago and my running feels much stronger. Last years winning time was a 17:35, I know I'm not that fast. Second place was a 19:48, that's a maybe. If both of those guys show up I think I could grab third.

The best thing about the race this year is that its at a new location, running down my favorite road, FM421!!!!! So ill be able to run it barefoot with no problems whatsoever!!! Hell, I'm thinking about running a 20 miler barefoot on the same road this weekend!

April 26th will bring the Relay For Life to our neighboring town (Silsbee) at their high school track. I ran this event last year and had to drop out at 14 miles due to GI issues. I made the mistake of gorging my fat ass on some very good Italian food then going running immediately afterwards. After my 4th trip to the shitter I threw in the towel.

I know I won't eat Italian food before the race this year, so hopefully there won't be any snags! Not sure what kind of mileage I will be shooting for. I plan on running until I have to stop. If I could get in at least a 50K I'll be happy!

So looks like I will have some good opportunities to test myself on both ends of the spectrum this month! Speed (with no speed work...) and endurance!

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