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Monday, March 18, 2013

Never Wipe Your Ass With A Squirrel - book review

Based off the name of the book and the author, I knew this book was right up my alley!!!

"Never Wipe Your Ass With A Squirrel - A Trail and Ultra Marathon Guide for Weird Folks" by Jason Robillard is a basics and essentials guide to running trails and ultra marathons for.. Well... For weird folks....

I think I was his target audience.

All joking aside (for at least a sentence or two) this was a great read that was chock full of useful information on all things trail running. Jason even goes into the realm of "taboo" by discussing such topics as "genital hair maintenance", proper technique for pooping in the woods, ass chaffing and even how to get rid of annoying running partners.

There were several times during my read that I would literally start laughing out loud. Of course my wife wouldn't find these excerpts nearly as humorous as I did, but I'm a little twisted off upstairs, so my sense of humor is a little warped to begin with...

What's most interesting about this book is that its only available in E-book format. Jason released it this way so that it would follow what he deems as a "STD distribution" method. By that he means that it starts with him and trickles down to a few other people. Those people then spread it to a few more people, who in turn spread it out even further. Sort of like a pyramid scheme for herpes. If everyone can distribute to at least 3 people it will spread faster than the Aids did back in the 80's!

SO, as a result, if you are interested in this amazingly awesome book that is guaranteed* to make you a better runner, a stud in bed and just an all around bad ass just let me know that your interested and I will email you a copy!

(*guarantee not honored)

It's as simple as that! No strings attached! The book is a PDF document that was emailed directly to me from Mr. Robillard himself! So I can vouch for its authenticity.

Now the nitty gritty. I know I haven't done a book review in quite awhile, and this is quite unprecedented (and slightly unexpected knowing the author...!) but this is the first book to ever receive a full 10 out of 10 rating based off the highly complex and complicated "Chaser Williams Book Rating Method".

Hope you read it and enjoy!


  1. ROFL... so is this a "guys" only book? (Because I contacted Jason about reviewing it for my blog.) I think it sounds hilarious!

    1. No, it's definitely not a "guys only" book. He has lots of input from his wife Shelly throughout the book about female related issues.

      If you want to send me an email at "" I would be more than happy to send you a copy!