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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pre-long run preparations.

The human body amazes me. Well, at least mine does. I'm not sure if everyone (or even anyone) else does this, but I try to follow a routine before every long run.

I drink a bottle of water (maybe?) and get all my stuff ready and put into a ziplock Baggie that then gets put inside my SPI Belt (which is awesome!) Of course I get dressed after my morning weigh in (down to 180.5 this morning! Oh hells yeah!) and usually take the trash out to the trash can on my way to the truck.

There's no ritualistic "lacing of the shoes" or picking out lucky socks or anything like that. But there is one little "unique" thing I do...


My body realizes that its about to be moving for the next 3 to 5 hours, and knows that any waste sitting in my bowels will be one a burden very quickly. This is an even bigger issue when its coupled with no accessible bathrooms, and nothing to wipe with if I'm able to sneak off into the woods.

So what does my body do?

It poops. And it poops a lot.

I didn't do at binge eating or drinking last night. Everything was quite normal actually. But for some reason, every morning before a long run, it feels like I'm loosing 10 pounds. This makes the runs oh so much more enjoyable because there isn't any GI issues from the start.

It also amazes me just how much better a good poop can make you feel. Something about evacuating toxins and waste from your system helps to energize and revitalize the body!

In summary, pooping is great, as long as your not pooping in your pants. That's not so great. In fact, that's pretty shitty.

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