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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Herman Memorial Half Marathon; The Result..!

Well, I had a goal to go faster than a 1:57:00, and I did!

The start of the race was COLD!!! It was mid to upper 30's, and somewhat humid. Great running weather once we started, but standing at the starting line was brutal!!!

I ran at just under a 8:55 pace for miles 1-7, mile 8 was a little quicker. Mile 9 I started picking it up, but I don't know where to. I was running with an older lady by the name of Lisa, her goal was sub 1:55 and she said we had it in the bag, maybe even sub 1:50! So I decided to go for it.

The last 2 miles felt great! I was really cruising along and passing people left and right. With half a mile to go I came across fellow minimalist runner Jeremy Furmo and got him to finish up strong with me. His brother William was also there, but he was a good ways ahead of us at a 1:46.

It was a great run, everything felt very smooth and easy. Forcing myself to slow it down at the beginning made a huge difference. I feel like I could go out and do it all over again right now, and its only been 30 minutes or so since I finished!

My unofficial time on my Garmin is a 1:50:39, I'm waiting to see when they post up the official results to see what they say, I think they might be a few seconds faster, but not much if any.

So, I guess this proves that I am in better running shape then I was when I ran my first (and second!) half marathons! Thank you Maffetone Method and Makers Diet!

Pictures below are of the nice race shirt, awesome medal, bib shirt and medal together, and the group shot is of me, the Fermo brothers, and some other guy that they knew that I didn't know him the one in all black with the Barefoot Running University shirt on, aka the ugly one. Lol!

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