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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Post turnaround plans #3....

Cross fit!

No, I'm not dropping $250 a month and joining a cross fit gym. Instead I'm going to ATTEMPT to do 2 cross fit style workouts a week.

In the garage I now have a 60 pound heavy bag, a dip station, a pull up station, a jump rope, and 300+ pounds of free weights and I plan on putting them to good use!

Between Burpees, dips, pull-ups, boxing the heavy bag, jump rope, power clean, curls, military presses, dips, and various other body weight style exercises I should have enough variety there to keep me entertained for quite awhile. Plus the change of pace should be nice and keep things interesting.

I do plan on TRYING to log every days workouts and foods consumed to help me stay committed to getting back on track (no pun intended).

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