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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

34.1 pounds!

34.1 pounds. That's how much I have to loose to reach my goal of 170.

I officially started my diet and exercise program TODAY! The turn around is over, and I'm back to getting off work at 3:00 in the evening every day.

I actually went for a brisk .53 mile run yesterday morning, but ate bad the rest of the day.

Today I had a veggie smoothie for breakfast and a bag of steamed broccoli for lunch. After work I ran .75 miles. Although it feels great to be running again, only running .75 miles feels like a waste of time after being used to running 6+ on average. Oh we'll, gotta build back up slow so I don't get any injuries!

Oh, and an interesting side note, eating only veggies (and juices veggies at that!) really jacks with your digestive system. I'm not even through the first day yet and I've already shit more than a flock of pigeons in a car lot of freshly washed cars. Day 2 is gunna be awesome!

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  1. Get those miles back. You will be back out there in no time. Hells Hills is doable.