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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Just thought of something.

I own 7 pair of running shoes now.


And I run barefoot...

My huaraches were by FAR the cheapest of the group, and they probably have the most miles (maybe 50?) followed in a close second, maybe even a tie, with the Merrell Trail Gloves.

I also own some Merrell Sonic Gloves that have about 4 miles on them, and a pair of all black suede Merrell slip ons that are also from their barefoot line that my wife got me for an early Christmas present. I haven't ran in them, and probably won't.

I have 2 pair of Vibrams now. The original pair were the KSO, and I did not like them. They have maybe 20 miles on them. I just bought a set of the SeeYa LS Vibrams. These feel and look like what a Vibram SHOULD be. Extremely light weight. Very thin soled, flexible, breathable and just all around cool looking! I got them this weekend, so they have yet to see any miles, but I feel like they will get lots of use come the hot months of the year.

There's also the New Balance Minimus something another's that I got from Jason Robillard. I think I put about 5 miles on them and didn't like them.

So.... Why do I own so many minimalist running shoes

I wear them when I'm not running. I wish I could get some minimalist steel toe work boots, that would be great!

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