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Thursday, July 4, 2013


2 weeks ago I managed to barely escape breaking both of my legs. Instead of breaking them, I just hurt them really really bad. You would think that I would know better then to try my luck on a trampoline by now!

I was teaching my son, Preston, how to do a front flip, and he's almost got it down! He's almost landing on his feet now, which is very exciting.  Realizing that he's almost got that down I decided it was time to introduce the back flip. 

I did 3 or 4 of them with no problems and the. Said "ok, watch this Preston! It's my last one, and its going to be a big one! So get ready!"

Yeah... It was a big one alright... I found myself coming down in the springs and the frame on the side of the trampoline. I knew that if I landed on my feet I would most definitely shatter multiple bones within my feet and just be all out pissed off. So I decided to attempt to fold my legs under my body and land more on my right butt cheek / hamstring area since its pretty beefy (fat...) in that area it might be able to absorb impact better. 

I wasn't fast enough and instead came down on my shins. OUCH!!!! My son started freaking out, along with myself. The pain was quite immense, and I was sure that I had just broken both shin bones clean in half. I grabbed the trampoline and pulled myself erect and started hobbling my way to the house. Although it hurt something fierce, I figured that since I could put weight on them that they weren't broken. 

My caring wife insisted that we go to the hospital, but I declined saying that the only thing broken on me was my pride. 

There wasn't any bruising at first, just lots of swelling. LOTS of swelling. I had an area on my left leg about 6" long that was raised a good inch and a half high. 

Now for the good stuff. Here's some pictures in chronological order....

Left leg the next Monday (4 days later) there's some bruising and swelling. 

Right leg / ankle the same day. Lots of swelling and a little bruising. 

Here's the right leg / ankle the next day (Tuesday / day 5)

And the left leg same day. 

Here's a few days later. I think it was on day 7? Right ankle first. 

Left leg. 

Day 8, left leg. 

Right ankle. 

Here's day 11. Left leg. 

Right ankle / leg. 

And here's today. Day 13!!!!!

Left leg. 

And right leg. 

There's still a good bit of swelling, and obviously a lot of bruising and discoloration. There's also a lot of tenderness and pain Involved. I think there might be a permanent tender spot on my left shin. Just lightly touching it (even the covers at night) sends a shock up my leg into my stomach. 

SO, what's the lesson to be learned here? Hell, I don't know! But it could have ended a lot worse than it did!!!

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