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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Loosing weight!

We (my lovely wife and I) started The Makers Diet again this Tuesday. 

I'm excited!!!

Tuesday morning I weighed in at a nasty 196.6 pounds. I was down to 179.9 back on March 26th (day after our wedding anniversary... Maybe I burned some extra calories that night!!!), and that was after being on the diet for 11 weeks. So in 11 weeks I went from 203.6 to 179.9. That's 23.7 pounds in 78 days, or .303 pounds per day. 

I want to do it faster this time. Since I'm not working, I'm not going to be constantly bombarded by coworkers bringing cakes and brownies and donuts and the sort. I will be able to follow the diet much better this time. 

Something else interesting about last time we were on the diet, I lost the first 20 pounds in just 6 weeks. That's .47 pounds per day on average. And there were several cheat days in the mix there too. 

If I can average something like .5 pounds per day (somewhat doable I think!) then I could hit my goal of sub 170 at around day 53... But since I'm on day 3, and I'm already down 4.5 pounds to 192.2, I'm already ahead of the curve! Not that that means I'll hit my goal by day 53 (Monday, September 2nd...), or anywhere near it, but that the first little bit of weight is easiest to loose!

I did take some before pictures that I'm refusing to post anywhere until after I've lost some more weight so that I can show before and after pictures and the length of time between them. No weight loss supplements or anything like that will be used, just good dieting and a good exercise regiment!

I will measure specific body parts today (NO, not THOSE body parts.... Geez...) to set a baseline on where the weight is lost. 

Wish me luck!

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  1. good luck. hey wait minute. it takes more than luck. when you realize and understand the damage those cakes and brownies do to you it makes it easier to refuse them. i myself can refuse them and am fine. alcohol on the other hand, yeah.