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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hills, facial hair, and trying to be healthy again!

Ill go in that order...

Conroe has hills. In fact, its proven difficult to find somewhere to run (outside of a high school track) that does not have elevation changes. 

That said, League Line Rd kicked my white ass the other day. 

4.6 miles, out and back, and not a flat spot anywhere! The road itself is a straight shot from the interstate to Lake Conroe, but the 4 persons wide sidewalk wiggles itself along the side of the road for about 80% of its length. Unfortunately (or maybe I should say FORTUNATELY...)  it stops just before the biggest, steepest hill of them all. 

I haven't hooked up our desktop yet (for those younger readers out there, that's what your grandparents owned back in the early 90's for a computer. Their big, bulky, and have separate components) so I don't have an exact elevation profile for this road just yet, but I did attempt to take a picture, and I drew my own elevation profile as well. 

The sidewalk is on the right, and you can see 3 or 4 of the hilltop peaks in the distance. Steadily dropping down further and further as they go. 

This is a fairy accurate portrayal of the elevation profile for this run. Yes, I'm running up a vertical wall. That happened. My pace was slow. 

If I can make a good habit of running this course often, hills shouldn't ever pose a problem for me again (unless I attempt the Barkley....)

Facial Hair. 

Since I'm unemployed, and an aspiring ultra marathon running barefoot hippie, I decided to go all natural with the facial hair and proudly display my white trash heritage. 

This is about a week and a half worth of razor-less glory! Duck Dynasty guys better watch out!

Trying to be healthy again. 

I've been trying to get back on path. I've been trying to get back in the habit of eating healthy (per The Makers Diet) but with the actual move, going back to Lumberton to clean the house, and all that junk, its been very hard. Ill do really good for a few days, then it will all go to hell and I just say screw it and go to the nearest gas station and grab a King Sized "Zero" bar.... Mmmm.... Zero bars.... NO! Must... Resist...

Need to eat more of these instead!
Mmmm..... Fruits and veggie smoothies... Much better than Zero bars (wtf? Did I just say that????)

But I have been running more than I had in the past couple of months. I've enjoyed the change of scenery and the actual elevation changes. I'm used to a speed bump being an "obstacle", now I'm running hills that are a steady incline for miles on end. 


Life is good!


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