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Thursday, November 27, 2014

1 week until the big run!

I've got 1 week until my birthday.

That means one week until my birthday run.

One week until I run 30 solo miles.

I'm going to run around the neighborhood, that way when I get hungry or need to hit El Banó (that's Spanish for the bathroom) I will be in close proximity to the house.

The weather right now shows to be ideal. 55° low with a high of 66°, mostly cloudy and no rain. Can't ask for better!

I was originally concerned because the battery on my Garmin 305 wasn't lasting over 4 hours, and this run will probably take me over 6.

Luckily my amazing wife ordered me an early birthday present! A brand new Garmin 310! Battery life around 20 hours! SWEET!

I was hoping to get in a 20+ mile training run, but the longest I was able to get in was 15. And that 15 miles was quite easy. I felt as if I could have gone a lot longer.

I'm feeling quite confident leading up to this run. As long as I can eat really clean for the few days following up to the big run then I think my stomach will hold out the whole time. That's the only thing I can see that would prevent me from accomplishing my goal.

And depending on how this run goes, I'm eyeballing Rocky Racoon 50 at the end of January as long as work doesn't start dicking with my schedule again.

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