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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bridge Running

Since both my aunt and myself were going to be at my mother's this weekend to celebrate an early Thanksgiving, we decided to go for a run together.

A while back she had mentioned that she wanted to go run the Veterans Memorial Bridge that I used to go run after work every once in awhile when we used to live here, so we decided to go run there.

I haven't ran this bridge in over a year now. Probably closer to 2 years actually. I remember it being very steep, very windy, and very very dirty. I remember it being covered in lose rocks, broken glass, chunks of blown out tires, and other miscellaneous debris. One time there was a destroyed X box scattered across the shoulder for about half a mile.

This time it was still just as steep and windy, but all the debris was gone!

I had started off in my new pair of New Balance Minimus HiRez shoes (pictured below), but as soon as I got to the other side of the bridge I stripped them off. My calves were solid knots and I felt as if my feet were just flopping around in my shoes.

As soon as I started running again I realized it was a great idea as I could feel my calves relaxing. The debris never bothered me any either. I guess all the rain they've been getting down here lately helped to wash the roads clean!

I ended up running a total of 6 miles. 3 uphill and 3 downhill in 1 hour and 6 seconds.

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