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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Time for a change.

I've been thinking about my running a lot lately (not that thats anything new), and I have come to a few realizations.

Firstly, I don't think that running / training for Ultras is going to work any more.

I love running long distances. It really clears the mind and soul. Often times, after a really good long run, there is a literal sense of euphoria. Hell, after running 20ish miles thru the woods a few weeks ago I broke down and cried like a baby on the way back home because a good country song came on and made me think of how much I love my wife.

A country song made me cry....

True story.

But, running 20 miles thru the woods takes time, and lots of it. Whats worse is that 20 miles isn't even a really long distance in training for an ultra!

30 miles is.

So that time I use running is tome I could use to be doing something better. Like building better relationships with my children.

Dont get me wrong, I love my kids to death, and i feel like I'm a good father. But I dont feel like I'm a GREAT father.

My kids deserve a GREAT father.

Training for 7 hours on a Saturday morning after being at work all week isn't being a great father. 

Worrying more about missing a few hours of running when there is a family event planned on the weekend is not being a great father

It's actually being quite selfish.

And this isn't even starting to get into how this effects my wife. She is very supportive of my running and realizes what it is for me, but doesn't like all the baggage involved with being married to an ultra marathoner.

So, I need to make changes.

I will now be focusing my running efforts on shorter, faster events.

My race ranges will be 5K to 20 miles.

I'm getting older (uhh... duh? ), so my window of opportunity to run FAST is shrinking.

I'm not talking about age graded fast, I'm talking about FAST.

I want to start setting and resetting PR's in the shorter distances.

But I still want to keep my endurance where I could go run a 50K of the opportunity arose. But I'm not entertaining the idea of a 100 mile race any time in the foreseeable future.

So, here's to a new plan and more time with the family!


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