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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beards and Getting the Itch!

I haven't ran since Whispering Pines.

My knee continued to bother me for a good week and a half after the race. I thought I had figured out what was bothering it and made the necessary adjustments and it started feeling better.

Now, 3 weeks later, it's getting little twinges again. Mainly at night while I'm sleeping, but it doesn't feel 100% yet.

This really sucks... I was hoping to be back running again this week. The Habenero Hundred is in August, and I was thinking about going for the 100K there if I could resume training soon enough to be ready for a 62 mile run. Doesn't look promising though...

So, if I can start running anytime soon, I might lower my goal to running the 50K at HH. Theres also the Blazing 7's in October. There's a 50K, 50M, and 100K at that event. So if things go good, maybe I can run the 50K at HH, and the 100K at B7.


I know I can be physically and mentally ready for a 50K in a very short amount of time, especially if I can focus on cleaning up my diet. It's all dependant on my knee feeling well enough to start running again.

It felt fine in my training leading up to WP, but the climbs, and mainy the decents, of that event really threw a screw in things. Both HH and B7 are flatter courses, so I dont think they would have any ill effects like WP did.


Since I'm not running, I've been taking care of some stuff around the house.

I finished my kitchen table build a few months ago, but I need to get on my wife's laptop to make that blog entry due to the pictures involved. It came out great!

I also built a counter top and some shelving for the laundry room. Courtney painted the top to look like granite and it turned out super awesome! She did a great job with it, and the laundry room looks completely different now!

I even built a side table for the couch that has a dog kennel built into it. It came out great too!

I also cleaned and started organizing the garage. Doing all these woodworking projects had created a thick layer of sawdust on everything in the garage, so my next project is to build a dust collection system before I start any more projects (and there is quite a list of future projects...) to help eliminate the mess and the long cleanup process.

I have included some pictures below of everything, I hope to do a more detailed post on the table because of how involved  of a process it was.


Oh, I also grew a beard, and then shaved it off just last night. I will start regrowing it whenever I start training again, and then shave it once I have completed a big race. I might keep it a little neater / trimmed next time.

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