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Thursday, November 7, 2013

League Line Road, Revisited...

I'm slowly adapting to hills.

Hell, I'm even starting to enjoy them!

The other day I ran home from work. Something like 7.1 miles or something like that according to the Garmin. But I was more interested in the elevation changes because of all the hills and valleys around here, so I used a new app I downloaded on my phone called "Map My Ride". Its called that, but it can be used for more than cycling. That's all in another post though. Maybe one day I'll get around to writing it...

Anyways. Map My Ride gives you a elevation profile of your run. This is about 90% of the reason I downloaded it. 

So here's my elevation profile from my run home from work on Tuesday. 

It's actually backwards from how it felt. I can't wait to run TO work now! Its mainly down hill from work here as you can see. 

Today I ran League Line Road again. This road has kicked my ass several times before, but today it wasn't bad at all. In fact, it was quite enjoyable! I think its because I just ran. I didn't try to beat any set time, or work harder on the up hills. I just ran. Nice easy stroll. Everything felt really good!

So here the out and back profile of L.L.R.

Pretty steep climbs and decents, but taking them easy seemed to make a world of difference. 

I really like running LLR. It's got a good sidewalk, and it's hilly. What more could you ask for!

I even decided to snap some pics during my run. 
This is from the crest of the first hill. You can see the 3 remaining hills in the background along with the nice sidewalk. Lake Conroe is about a mile and a half directly behind me. 

Very steep valley. You can't see the bottom from the top of either hill. 

This is the steepest climb, and you know it about halfway up. 

Another steep ass valley. Its fun gaining speed on the way down. You can really let the leg turn over and feel the gravity working in your favor for once!!

At the moment, LLR might be my Conroe replace my for FM 421, my old favorite running road. It's defiantly safer as I'm not running on a 2 foot wide shoulder down a road with notorious blind corners. 

After writing all this I realize that I should probably make another post regarding my opinion on running and training on hills. I'm no expert in the field, but if I keep running courses like these, I might get there quickly!

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