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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Birthday run!

I feel like a virgin with a drunken prom date. I'm excited, yet a little nervous. 

Next Wednesday I will celebrate my 29th birthday by attempting to run 29 miles. My new job gives you a floating holiday to use on your birthday. Most employees probably use it to sleep off a hangover. I'll be using it to run my age in miles. 

I think there's something wrong with me. 

And, just like that prom night virgin, I'm afraid my party might abruptly come to an early end. I'm not sure if I can go for 29 miles right now. And even worse, I really don't know of a good place to attempt knocking out 29 miles in the middle of the week! The only place I can think of is The Woodlands. 

The Woodlands is the next city down the road from Huntsville, and its a real happening place. It's also home of several marathons and triathlons and such. So there are a lot of rich people that run and cycle often. Being rich has its benefits. For example, they get nice wide sidewalks on damn near every street. Everyone I drive through The Woodlands I see a dozen or so people out for a run. I choose this area to celebrate because of the sidewalks and the fact that I will never be far from a good source of calories and hydration. Plus I might get to have lunch with the wife if I time it right!

So while I'm really unsure of how things will turn out, I am very excited for the challenge. If I succeed and can actually move the next day, then I think I could actually be ready to run in the Rocky 50 mile come February!!!

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