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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ill start again... Someday...

I haven't ran since the Village Creek 5K, whenever that was. I'm not good with keeping track of time. Maybe that's why I'm decent at running for a long time, I don't realize that hours have passed by. 

Not sure if I had posted this pic from the Village Creek 5k yet. It looks like me and Daryl are doing some type of river dance in a big cloud of fart... 

I have been busy though! Oh yes, very busy!

When were not at a T ball game, Soccer game, T ball practice, Soccer practice, gymnastics, dance, a dance recital or at work, we have been busy remodeling the house ourselves. We've gotten a lot of progress done, and only have a little bit more to do. As soon a were done I will attempt to resume my running. 

I say resume because I'm not sure what my schedule is going to be like 3 weeks from now. There's a major event happening in our lives that will effect everything from our jobs and child care to my running and diet. 


That's right. We're moving to Conroe. My wife's job is relocating her, and the money is worth it. We will be living with my mother in law (I know, we're scrubs! Lol!), which is actually a good thing since not only is my mother in law awesome, but she's also a total health but that started the Makers Diet with us and will help push us to stay on it. 

But what about my job? What will I be doing?

I will be a stay at home daddy!!! At least for a little while until we can find child care an I can find a job worth taking. There doesn't seem to be much of what I do up there, so I might have to change careers. 

But in the mean time I have to focus on finishing the house. I'm really REALLY missing my running. You never really realize just how enjoyable it is until your not doing it. I will probably start running in the mornings before Court goes to work, then again in the evenings when she gets home. Conroe has lots of hilly back roads that I can't wait to explore!!!

So, if you, or anyone you know, I from the Conroe area, hit me up and tell me where to go!!!

Oh, I also found a trunk of all my old high school crap, including all my running stuff. I plan on taking lots of pics to post up for everyone's enjoyment!

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