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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Grapefruits and not running.

I used to detest Grapefruits. They were bitter and nasty and made water taste really bad in the back of my mouth.

So, naturally, I purchased a bag of them just last week.

I'm not sure what exactly has changed in my taste buds, but I now LOVE grapefruits! Their amazingly sweet, as long as you only eat the pulpy part. Stay away from the white parts of the peel, that's where things go south.

But there's a side effect to eating grapefruit that I wasn't truly aware of. Grapefruits enhance your metabolism! This is good since I've ran one time in the last few weeks, and that was only a 5K. So its helping my weight in check as I'm not exercising (more on that in a separate post later on!), which is a good thing!

But I didn't realize the side effects to a sped up metabolism.

I'm always starving! My caloric intake has jumped through the roof! I'm grazing between meals, and the meals themselves are quite bountiful! My weight is pretty consistent so far, hovering around 180~181. So I can't say its been a bad thing really. Just interesting.

It makes me wonder how it will affect my weight when I resume my training again. Will the sped up metabolism shed more weight when combined with the intense exercise?

I hope so!

I've still got another 10 pounds to loose dammit!!!

Meanwhile, I got a text at 4:25 this morning from Daryl with the picture below. Pretty good pic as far as capturing the pain we were enduring goes. But t almost looks like we're attempting some poorly executed version of the River Dance amidst a thick cloud of really bad fart.

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