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Friday, May 11, 2012


All Ive been doing for the past 2 years is running.

I havent strayed far from it because, well, I love it! I keep saying Im going to hop on the old Trek and ride for a few hours, but it never happens. Why would I ride my bike if I could be running instead? I mean, Im trying to be a better runner, not a better triathlete after all.

But Monday I found myself doing things a little... Different.

Rather than going to the track and running 5~6 miles at a nice and easy pace, I decided to time myself in an all out mile. I havent done any speedwork in about 7 months, but yet I somehow managed to shave 13 seconds off my previous post highschool PR and came in at 6:00.42.

Afterwards I was beat, but I didnt want to waste valuable training time. So i decided to do 100 yards worth of lunges!


Here it is, 2 days later, and every muscle below my hips are still screaming at me with every move I make. Obvisouly my legs arent nearly as strong as I had previsouly thought.

So, with that said, I think Im going to start doing 1 day of speed work and add some lunges and other types of movements into the mix. Since I dont have alot of options for elevation changes around here with it being flatter than a pancake, I think (read hope) this will help out when it does come time for me to tackle some elevation changes.

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