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Thursday, February 2, 2012

T minus 34 hours....

Holy rusted metal Batman, Rocky Raccoon is less than one and a half days away... Am I ready? What have I gotten myself into? Can I double my longest run to date, even though it was ran months ago? Will the fact that the past 2 months have been total flops in term of running hold me down? What if the course isn't as barefoot friendly as im thinking HOPING it is? What if I need to poop, and I'm nowhere near a bathroom?

Do I have this kind of determination? What if Mr Rocky Raccoon laughs at me?

I can't handle that type of degradation. What if he attacks me in the car on the way up there?

I would probablly end up pooping my pants before the race even started if that happened...

But what if, by some strange chance, this race is my guiding light. My beacon, calling me to the ways of the Ultra Marathon. What if this race its my hero?

... Yeah, probablly not... I'm sure it will be more liken to the following picture.

Yep, screwin the pooch....

Ill admit, I have been a little nervous about this race the past few days. I have only one goal, and that is...


In order to prepare I've made a few purchases, and prepared a few things...

For starters, we bought a nice tent. We even camped out in it one night!

Im using the little schwag bag from the Hermann Memorial Sugarland Half Marathon (which is about a 4th the distance of this race...) as my drop bag.

And ive amassed a nice quantity of Honey Chia waters. 8 of them to be exact!

And my lovely wife picked up 3 large bags of Almond M&Ms (i didn't know these even existed until just a few days ago!) Thanks baby! Your the greatest!

I also hit up Academy after work today to see what I could find in the way of a replacement for my Spi Belt that has gone MIA. I lucked out and found this gem!

Another Spi Belt! Oh happy day! The sun had peeked out from behind the rain drenched clouds and shone itself upon me. I also picked up some "Body Glide".

I've never used Body Glide before, but I figure it can't hurt! Hopefully I can convince my awesome wifey to help me apply it before the race! Thats true love when your partner will apply Body Glide to your nether regions before your big race!

This will probablly be my last post before the race. It might also be my last post ever, as I might not make it through.

So, heres to you Rocky Raccoon! I'm going to make you my bitch Saturday!*

*I'm about 99.9% sure I'll be eating those words come Sunday when I wake up in the medic tent bleeding from multiple orifices

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