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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rocky Raccoon, the aftermath...

Ok, so I ran the Rocky Raccoon 50 mile ultra marathon barefoot. If this is news to you then this must be your first time here. Welcome!

Most people reading this are probablly either already barefoot runners, minimalist runners that are interested in barefoot running, or you just get enjoyment from reading about a guy stepping in poop (hey, whatever floats your boat buddy!).

Some of you may be concerned for the safety of your feet, and use that as an excuse not to run barefoot. Well, I can proudly say that after running 50 miles on muddy and root covered trails out in the woods, my feet were probably some of, if not the least damaged feet out there!

The soles of my feet came out completely unscathed and uninjured. I had a few scratches from a few stickers from going off the trail to pee, but no bloody gashes, cuts, bruises, blisters or damage of that nature. No blackened, broken, our missing toe nails. Nothing!

The only thing different about my feet was that they were a little swollen afterwards, but show me a rookie ultra marathoner without swollen feet. Hell, show me any ultra marathoner, our even marathoner, without swollen feet!

The swelling was a result of running through deep water and mud where I had to actively force my foot to rise. I was contracting the muscle at the bottom of your shin / top of your foot for 50 miles / 12 hours. This is over twice as long as I've ever ran before, so I'm happy with just a little swelling and soreness.

Heres some pics of my feet for reference...

(the left foot is the one with the most swelling, it also had a slightly red tint to it)

(side view)

(look ma, no damaged soles!!)

So aside from a little swelling I'd say my feet did pretty good!

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  1. After seeing a lot of comments on FB, I think barefoot and minimalist is a great way to avoid blisters. I had no swelling, black toenails, blisters... others all posted their mangled feet with missing toenails and blisters.

  2. Hi Chaser,
    Amazing, the feet look great. The most I have managed is only around 18km and then I feel pretty tired. How long have you been training barefoot to get that kind of distance in?


  3. I was with shoes... I have no blisters or lost toenails or swelling... BUT I still say, more power to ya! Go for it. I think you're a bad ass. And I am pretty freakin' impressed at the lack of damage especially on the bottoms of your feet. (FYI, I'm the tall awkward chick that said hi to Dave a couple times.) On second thought, perhaps the beer from the night before gave you super powers?

  4. Lol, thanks Neil and Lesley! I've been running barefoot for almost a year and a half, but I think my feet could have handled this at around the 1 year mark.

    Lesley, I do remember you. Congrats on your race as well!!! Oh, and no beers for this guy. Yuck!