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Friday, January 6, 2012

T minus 28 days...

....and I'm nowhere near ready. This damn injury set me WAY back in my training. Where I should have ran a long run of 40ish miles last weekend, I did nothing. Where I should be averaging 50~60 miles per week for the past 3 weeks and starting my taper in 2 weeks, I've averaged crazy numbers. One week was 48, 2 weeks were under 5. I was hoping to knock out a 30~35 mile weekend to hopefully catch up, but sure to a transition at work I'll be sitting on my fat ass in a training class....

My goal / plan for this weekend is to run 5 or 6 tomorrow morning, then 7 or 8 after I get home. Then on Sunday I might skip class and try for a good long run. I've already taken this class once before, and was using this class just as a refresher sort of thing.

I'm starting to freak out a little bit... I'll feel better if I can get some quality mileage in next week, then a few miles while were at Disney World the week after. My leg is feeling a whole lot better, and I still feel confident that I can cover 50 miles before they close the course (30 something hours, lol), I just think any time goal is out the window.

But who knows, maybe I need the rest and anxiety right now? They say everything happens for a reason... Right?

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  1. Good luck at Rocky Raccoon. Are you going to target a heart rate for the race? I've been targeting MAF+28 for my marathons and 5 more for halfs. I got those numbers based on Parker's recommendation for 75% of HRR for fulls and 80% for halfs. I PR'd and felt great using his advice for the half. I PR'd and felt lousy ignoring his advice for the full. ;)

  2. Yeah, I'm still trying to determine my "plan of attack" for this race. I've heard the same recommendations for your ideal marathon heat rate from the HADD post.