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Monday, January 16, 2012


Well, so much for losing weight...

Were spending the week at Disney World for a family vacation (our first one), and we decided to get the "Meal Plan" plan (?). This means that while staying on the resort, Saratoga Springs in the Tree House Villas, most of our meals will be paid for. It works based off a point system that is far too advanced for my most miniscule of brains to begin to comprehend... Luckily my wife is of a race of very highly sophisticated beings and understands everything except for how the speeds on a multi speed bicycle work. So she has been coordinating everything for the family. Your awesome wife! Much love!

But back to the whole reason for this post. GLUTTONY!!!

Much like everyone else in the world, I had planned on loosing weight this year. But unlike everyone else I knew that I would be coming to Disney World and gorging my fat ass on a straight carb and junk food diet untill I finally started frothing at the mouth in a sugar induced coma. So I decided it would be best/smartest to wait until after Disney to start rating healthy and attempting to loose weight. Makes sense, right?

I'm glad I did too! I've been eating terrible things that would probablly result in a beating from any one with diabetes, and a slap in the face from Dr Maffetone...

Just today for example I've consumed; 3 little debbie Dunkin Sticks, 2 Honey Buns, and a large pretzel stick covered in chocolate and Reeces Pieces. That was just brekky... Lunch was a large pizza from Pizza Planet (yes, from Toy Story), a salad, a huge cupcake covered in chocolate mousse and crushed Oreos, and a chocolate chip cookie. Dinner was a half pound pineapple and bacon burger with fries and shrimp chevichi for an appetizer. That was followed by a "KITCHEN SINK desert, which is literally a kitchen sink full of every flavor of ice cream and topping that the resturant carries. It was divided between 4 adults and 3 children, I ate 6 bowls worth, and there was still a shit ton left over...

Heres pics for reference...

And yes, that hot mess in the background is my lovely daughter. She may look like her momma (thank God!!!), but she eats like her daddy.

And heres my clone... Errr... Son looking like a stud wearing his 3d glasses at the Star Wars 4d experience /ride thingy...

This little smooth operator also snuck in a kiss on Cinderella before having our "Meet the Princesses" dinner last night. Obviously he got his charm, and his looks, from his father. Thats right, I said charm! How else do you think I scored such a hottie for a wife???.

So to summarize, I think Disney really is a magical place. My money disappears and fat appears! Both at the same unbelievable speed!

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