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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekly mileage report.

Almost every time I got in my car after work to go do my evening runs the little temperature thingy read 103 outside. Looked like it was going to be a good week!!!

Monday, 4.25 in the morning. Nice and humid. My goal was to keep a decent pace, so when I hit the first mile in 8:56 I was a little pissed with myself. So I picked up the pace and clocked a 8:09 second mile. Still not fast enough. 7:36, looking a little better. Last mile was in 7:05, which is where I wanted to be the whole time. The last quarter was at a 5:57 pace. It feels good to increase the pace over time like that.

Monday evening, hill work. I finally found a substantial "hill" to run over. Its actually a bridge over a ship channel. Its also where locals go to committ suicide. Awesome! The bridge is 1 mile straight up, 1 mile straight down. I did a total of 4.52, so it was 2 miles up uphill, 2 miles of downhill, and half a mile of flat surface all in my huaraches. The out trip was pretty easy, but the trip back over the bridge was into a VERY hard headwind that was blowing debris into my face on the way to the top of the bridge. Very good run! Managed to average a 9:15 pace. Ill try to take a pic of the bridge next time I go to run it.

Tuesday, forgot the huaraches at home, so I decided to try going bare during an evening run. Big mistake... Only managed to get in 2.54 miles and my feet were blistered in a few spots and quite painfull. I did keep a 7:21 pace.

Wednesday. Forgot the huaraches at home again, so I decided to try and run on some grass. The only area around here with such is Dornsboro Park. Managed to get 3.31 miles in at a 8:58 pace. The ground was very uneven and hard and dry and cracked. The combination of this surface combined with patches of high grass made my calves BURN!!!!! Felt like my lower legs were working double time trying to adjust to the surface. I run at the park at home often, and theres always punk kids skate boarding and stuff, but I did see a first while I was at this park. There was a very similar group of punk kids, but instead of skate boarding, they were tight rope walking.... And there was one kid who was actually pretty skilled at it too!!!

Thursday I went to the local highschool track for speed work. It had sprinkled most of the day and was very overcast (but still over 100!!!) So I figured the track wouldnt be too hot. I did a warm up mile at 7:31, then did 4 X 100s at 78, 76, 76, and 73 seconds which is a 5:03 mile, then a cool down at 7:36. On my last lap it started to sprinkle a little, and as soon as I got in the car it really started coming down.

Took Friday and Saturday off to work on some stuff around the house. We were upgrading from a queen to a king size mattress, so we decided to build a platform bed and headboard for it. I am pretty impressed with my carpentry work to be honest. And the bed has held up for 2 nights now, so I did something right!

Sunday I was planning on doing a 13~15 miler early in the morning. But after getting 5 hours of sleep Friday night, and 4 Saturday I was dead tired. So around 7 that evening I decided I needed to get something in, so I strapped the huaraches on and ran down to the end of my road and back for a good 6.5 miles. Around mile number 4 I hit the wall and could feel the lack of sleep coming into play. I still managed to finish with a 8:03 average pace.

Pretty decent week, ended up with 24.12 miles, most of which were what I consider to be "speed work" so although my mileage wasnt great, I felt I had some good workouts.

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