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Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekly mileage report and breakdown for 6/27 - 7-3

I've decided to start tracking my mileage on here, along with notes on each run, so that I can look back and see what is and is not working for me.

Monday 6-27, Nothing.

Tuesday 6-28, Got up early and ran 3.21 miles at my local asphalt figure 8 track. VERY humid. I think I remember Weatherbug saying it was 82 degrees and 96% humidity, either way I sweated my ass off!

Tuesday evening I ran 3.29 at my moms house before picking up the kids. It was in the upper 90's to lower 100's outside and I wore my home made huaraches.

Wednesday 6-29, No morning run. Forgot my huaraches at home and decided to see if I could withstand running that evening down my moms road which is un shaded and rough white chip seal surface. It was 103 according to my car, and 105 according to a coworkers. I managed to get in 2.05 miles before feeling like my feet were being cooked. Luckily mom still had the kids inflatable pool full of water, I swear my feet sizzled as I stuck them in the water!

Thursday 6-30, Decided to do some "speed" work so I headed to the high school track closest to my job and did a total of 3.08 miles in the huaraches. I started with a mile warm up @ 7:43, then did 2X800's at 3:03 and 3:09, then 2 quick 100 meter sprints at 12 and 14 seconds, and then finished with another mile at 7:03.

Friday 7-1, Nothing.

Saturday 7-2, Nothing.

Sunday 7-3, Decided at 8:30 the night before that I was going to go for a long run, so I drove to the far end of my favorite running road and ran a out and back course that ended up being 16.75 miles, taking me roughly 3 hours. The day started off bad as my trusty Garmin decided it didn't feel like turning on for me, so I had to download some run tracker app on my phone so I could know how far I went. I took my lunch box with an ice pack and 3 waters with me and carried one of the waters with me for the run. I waited till I got to the half way point to start sipping on the water. At mile 14 I was wishing I had brought more water along with me as I was really starting to get thirsty and only had a few sips left. Luckily I did finish the run and proceeded to chug the other 2 waters before I even got the truck cranked and discovered that my AC had gone out on me.... GRR.....

All said and done I finished the week with 28.38 miles, which isn't too bad since I did have 3 days off. This puts me at 391.88 miles for the year, I really need to start picking up the pace to hit my goal of 1000 miles this year.

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