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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The beginnings.


First off, if your reading this, then thank you. I mean that. Thank you even more if you continue reading to the end...

A little about myself. Im currently 26 years of age, have been married to the most wonderfull woman in the entire world for 5 years, and have had 2 awesome offspring with her. My family really is my life, everything else is just filler. I spend most of my time in a chemical plant working and inhaling toxic fumes, which could explain a whole lot of things. My hobbies include running, cycling, swimming, and automobiles but running takes up 99% of my hobby time. As with every other runner thats currently taking up blogging, I run barefoot. This leads into my first official blogging rant...

Barefoot running is a form of minimalist running, but minimalist running is not necessarily barefoot. It really irks me when people say their barefoot runners, but their feet have never made contact with any surface outside of a shoe. If you have anything on your feet, your are NOT barefoot, you are shod. Some shoe companies have taken advantage of the barefoot phenomenom and labled their shoes as "Barefoot Shoes" which is an oxymoron in itself. Granted these shoes might be a great product, but they are shoes and not being barefoot.

These are known as "Minimalist Shoes" and I personally think its great that the industry is heading in the right direction and away from the conventional built up, overly cushioned, non flexible foot coffins that have been in production for the last 40 or so years. I currently own 1 pair of minimalist shoes and their the Vibram Five Finger "KSO". I hope to add onto my collection of minimalist shoes as its starting to get very very VERY hot here in southeast Texas (Greatest state in the world!) and the roads are too hot to run barefoot on with out burning, scorching, and blistering .

Thus is one of my intentions with this blog. A) Spread the good word of Minimalist and Barefoot running, and B) Become a swag ninja and give good honest reviews of the products Ive tested for others to read and evaluate for them selves.

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