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Monday, October 31, 2011

Haloween costume?


This is the first Haloween out of the 26 Ive experienced that Ive found the need for a costume that incorporates being barefoot. Im not sure that I had ever even thought about famous barefoot people in the past, or the present, so it took me awhile to decide on a good costume that made sense to be Barefoot with.

Heres a quick rundown of the few ideas I had for good Barefoot Haloween costumes... Unless your up to date on the "Who's Who" of the barefoot culture most of these wont make sense, but Ill ATTEMPT to include links to those that I can...

My first idea was to go as my hero Patrick Sweeny ( Unfortunatley Im no where near skinny enough, and Im hairless thanks to my Native American ancestery, so theres no way I could have pulled it off....

My second thought was to go as Christian (dont know last name) AKA "The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy" ( A few problems arose here... First off, Im only a mere mortal, so I dont possess any super human abilities. Secondly, I stand at a heigth of 5'10.597662" tall. This puts me about 3 feet away from achieving true MGBG status. So going as MGBG would necessitate stilts of some manner, which totally kills going BF. Third, umm... Ok, there really isnt a third reason.

Another Barefooting master I had thought about going as was Barefoot Ken Bob ( as hes the man! Many people look at BF Ken Bob as being the yoda of the barefoot world. His spoken name is often followed by a breif thumbs up or a peace sign. How could a little confused Padawan such as myself attempt to immitate a Jedi master? Plus the lack of hair thing got in the way again... That, and I dont own a tie-dye T shirt...

I could have gone as Jason Robilard, ( Once again, it would have taken me YEARS upon YEARS to grow a beard as masculine as his. Plus I dont like beer, so there goes any chance of attempting to immitate either Jason or Patrick.

I could have gone as Barefoot Ted ( since were both bald and have similar type bodys. Unfortunatley I couldnt manage to keep that crazy looking posture thing he holds all the time for more than just a few nano seconds.

Then I had a few ideas for non-barefoot runner themed costumes...

I do have a full sized Tigger costume I could have worn, but thats been my costune several times before, so I wanted something new.

The usual barefoot costumes are over done in my opinion. The flinstones, other types of cavemen and those kinds of things just dont do anything for me.

Then I hit me as I was walking through my garage. I noticed a pair of brown overalls in a storage box. I quickly threw them on and grabbed a long weed from the back yard.


This year for Haloween I am a hillbilly!!! It fits me perfectly! With my high percentage of white trash DNA it wasnt hard to pull it all together. Suprisingly enough, no one even though I had dressed up in a costume when we went out Saturday night! I think I was the only barefoot person at the bar too...

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  1. that does not look like a haloween costume. It would be better if you would have a blood stain in your shirt or put ketchup on it to even look scarier.
    Decorate Halloween