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Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekly mileage updates for.... Geez... For a bunch of weeks where I sorta slacked off and didnt record anything...

Ok, well, This is my third attempt to finally get around to trying to update my backlog of weekly reports which requires a good bit of time to account for evey run. SO, instead, Ill just to a breif mentioning of what had been going on with my training...

Before the Hottest Half I was running a bunch of hard and fast miles. I had very few "easy" runs as I was attempting to increase speed and endurance at that speed. This led to me being burned out alot of the time, always dead dog tired, and seeing very little actual improvements...

BUT I have changed my way of thinking in regards to training, thanks to some of the guys over at the Barefoot Runners form at Runners World's website and had decided to try out the Maffetone method, IE lower HR and a more holistic approach to running.

I started this new method right after the Hottest half was over and I hope to try to document my journey through this new method (Im already seeing improvements!) Throug my blog. Hopefully I can manage to stay on top of it this time, lol.
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