Friday, March 20, 2015

Whispering Pines 50K


I just registered for the Whispering Pines 50K in Tyler Tx!!!

Never raced a 50K before (although i dont think that the death march thats bound to happen could really be considered much of a "race"...), but I have ran a 50 mile ultra at Rocky Racoon back in 2012! And then just recently I've ran a 30 mile solo run to celebrate my 30th birthday, so I'm not to taunted by the distance. I've still got something like 60 days to train my mind, body, and soles (get it?, soles instead of soul.... ehhh...) to take a 32 mile beating.

But I am worried about the challenges that the course may bring.

I've been reading a lot on a blog Ive found just recently by a guy named Dat. Dat is a minimalist ultra marathoner (Vibrams) that has ran both the 50K and 20 mile at Whispering Pines before. He took a lot of excelent pictures of the course and the trails, so thanks to Dat I feel confident about going into this race barefoot. After seeing how big of a help his blog was, I will be sure to do the same and take lots of pictures on my journey come race day.
My newly aquired running buddy Jesse signed up for the 20 miler. This is his first trail race, and he signed up with his longest run ever only being 13 miles. So hes got a good challenge ahead of him as well.

Let the training begin!!!

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