Thursday, December 4, 2014

Birthday run success!

Well, I did it.

I'm now 30.

The only thing that could stop me from turning 30 was death...


But then I would continue aging, just in a time that had already occurred. Just because I could go back to the time before I was even born doesn't stop the clock from steadily ticking away time.

Yes. Aging is inebriated...

Wait, no. Well, yes! But I meant aging is inevitable. There we go.

But while I was out celebrating the start of a new decade in my life, I kept repeating a little mantra I created to myself whenever I would feel like throwing in the towel.

Age is a number, old is a mindset.

Just because I'm a year older shouldn't change anything about who I am or what I can do.

At least not yet that is.

But I did do it. Where I fell short last year, I exceeded this year!

30.36 miles! Running time was 5:51:42. I'm quite happy with that! I feel that if I had gotten in one more long run, and this were a 50K race, I could have finished close to 6 hours.

But since it wasn't a 50K race, and my training wasn't any where near where I would have liked it to have been, and it's my damn birthday, I just made sure to enjoy myself (no, not like that...) and took my time. I made 3 pit stops at the house, sat on the curb returning text messages to those who were wishing me a happy birthday and kick on my running venture. I even chilled outside the local gas station drinking Mountain Dew and eating Almond M&M's (yes, I drank some soda water) listening to the employees bitch about each other.

The total time that elapsed from my first step to my last was just under 7 hours.

Which I don't consider to be that bad of a time really. All things considered (with NPR news)

Speaking of steps, I guesstimate that I took somewhere in the neighborhood of 59,697 steps today just while running. I also burned 4779 calories, my average pace was something like 11:47 I think? And my heart averaged 162 beats per minute.

It was a very good run! Miles 19 thru 26 were tough. Duh! But I never gave up, obviously.

I took some pictures while I was on the move. I took birthday run selfies ever 5 miles to send to my wife. She in turn merged them all together to make a nice collage. I also found the elusive Walden Rooster, but he was deft and avoided being captured on camera. I did get his little chicken friend though! Ha, victory!

To top everything off, my wonderful mother in law cooked me a birthday dinner of Prejeans famous Crawfish Enchiladas!!!! Yummy!!!!

I ate 4...

So now I have room for some Oreo ice cream cake!

Yay! Back to being a fat kid again!

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